Automatic Curation

Configure rules for CurateWP to populate a section of your website. Easily select your content by any post type and filter posts by an individual author, multiple categories, and multiple tags.

Manual Curation

Often your Editors want complete control over curation across your website. CurateWP gives you the ability to search for specific posts and place them exactly where they want the post to display. You can even mix Automatic and Manual curation methods in the same section!

Layout Presets

CurateWP is a drop-in solution for site curation by offering default layouts for your curated sections. You can choose how you want your content to display as well as how to display the first one to four featured items of a section.

Section Widget

If your WordPress theme uses widgets, CurateWP provides its own widget. Use the CurateWP widget to display your curated content into your theme’s widget areas.

Section Shortcode

If you’re using the Classic Editor in WordPress or you just really like shortcodes, CurateWP has them covered as well. Place a CurateWP shortcode anywhere you want your curated content to display.

Section Block

If you’re using the new Block Editor in WordPress, CurateWP makes a block available to you. Easily add the block anywhere in your posts or pages and select which curated content you want to display.

Template Tags

Developers rejoice! A template tag is available for developers to place curated sections into specific areas of a theme while still giving editors the flexibility to curate the content.

Custom Layouts

Developers can override the layout presets by simply setting up the proper template files in a theme. CurateWP will look for templates in a Child theme or Parent theme before loading the presets.

Mix and Match

CurateWP allows editors to mix the available content curation methods. Want to manually select the first three items in a section but automate the last five? You can with CurateWP!


Performance is important to you, your editors, and most importantly your readers. CurateWP is built to keep your website running fast. Performance updates are priority and will only improve over time.


A common problem when editors have as much curation flexibility as CurateWP offers is duplicate content displaying across the site. CurateWP prevents the same content from displaying in other automated sections on the page.

Frequent Updates

The more information we gather from our customers about their curation process, the better CurateWP will get for everyone! Creative solutions for performance, de-duplication, and new features are always in development.

Suggest a Feature

CurateWP aims to rethink content curation in WordPress. If you have process for curation that you think CurateWP could solve, please let me know!


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